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Lists of books 2019

January 12


 Christopher Bollen - Long Island  (2015)


Michael Collins - American Memories (2016) 

Edward Lewis Wallant - Moonbloom (1963)

Sweeney Award - Cynthia's Jackpot (2016) 

February 2


Nelson Algren - Chicago, Heaven and Hell


Ray Celestin - Masquerade

Robert Bloch - The Butcher of Chicago 

Bernard Malamud - The Best 




The Man Who Whipped Children, Ernest J. Gaines, ed. Liana Levi (The Man who
whipped Children)

The God of Nightmares, Paula Fox, ed. Losfeld (The God of Nightmares)

A Season with Jane-Esther, Shaïne Cassim, ed. Recreation School

The Beloved Brigand, Eudora Welty, ed. Points (The Robber Bridegroom)




 Sartoris, by William Faulkner, ed. Folio

Nowhere on Earth, Michael Farris Smith, ed.10/18 (Desperation Road)

To Kill a Mockingbird, Herper Lee, ed. Pocket (To Kill a Mockingbird)

The Sport of Kings, CE Morgan, ed. Gallimard (The Sport of Kings)

12 Oct


In Electric Mist, James Lee Burker, ed. Shores (In the Electric Midst with the
Confederate Dead)


The Road of all Dangers, Kris Nelscott, ed. Black Dawn (A Dangerous Road)

Mercury's Paradise Lost, Brad Watson, ed. Pocket (The Heaven of Mercury)

Miss Mamma Aimee, Erskine Caldwell, ed. Albin Michael

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