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"Today, we are strongly committed to maintaining a long term relationship between our both cities and we want it to grow strength to strength. Because like any sort of relationship, if it is neglected its potential will reduce. And that it is our duty, as simple citizens, to bring it to the people for the people.";

-Excerpt from speech given to the City Council of Wichita on March 7, 2017




Relations between Wichita (Kansas, USA) and Orléans began on August 16, 1944, the day the 137th Kansas Infantry Regiment - composed largely of citizens of Wichita belonging to the 35th division delivers Orléans from the Nazi occupation.


Journalist Drew Pearson organizes the American Friendship Trains for European Aid and the Wichita Eagle Company organizes the Southwest Friendship Train.



The first intention "Cultural Affiliation and Friendship Program" is initiated by Sedgwick County for Friendship Across the Seas.



Official inauguration of this affiliation on May 7 and 8, the anniversary date of the liberation of Orléans by Joan of Arc. Children and families of Wichita are collecting for a miniature train that will be donated to the city of Orléans and still delights children in Pasteur Park today.



A delegation from Orleans, led by Roger Secrétain, mayor, goes to Wichita for the ceremonies of the centenary of the founding of the city of Wichita. On this occasion, a statue of Joan of Arc - copy of the one erected in the courtyard of the Groslot hotel - is offered to the city of Wichita.


Formalization of friendly relations between Orléans and Wichita; signing of the twinning oath by Mr. Porter, Mayor of Wichita, and Mr. Thinat, Mayor of Orléans. From this date, various types of exchanges develop : school and university exchanges, work placements, sports and musical exchanges...



The city of Wichita offers Orléans the replica of the Keeper of the Plains, the work of Black Bear Bosin, a great Indian artist from Wichita. This statue is currently at La Source.



Adherence of the city of Wichita to the idea of creating the garden of twinning and sending, to Orléans, of an orange tree of the Osages, symbolizing the city of Wichita.



Year of the 30th anniversary of the twinning with renewal of the signing of the oath between Carlos Mayans, mayor of Wichita, and Serge Grouard, mayor of Orléans.



Creation of the Orléans-Wichita association (08 October).



Visit of a delegation of 27 Wichitans to Orléans during the Festival de Loire.



Visit of a delegation of veterans during the Fêtes Johanniques and renewal of the twinning oath on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the twinning.



Reactivation of the Orléans-Wichita association with a new team and new projects focused in particular on New Orleans and all the Orleans in North America. (March 30) 

September 2017


Visit of a delegation of 16 wichitans during the Loire Festival with the main theme; French parks and gardens (special welcome from Marty Miller, director of Botanica Gardens).

In the process, visit of the mayor of Wichita, Jeff Longwell and his wife. 

November 2017


Visit of the mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu and announcement of a future twinning with the Louisiana metropolis.

January 2018


Visit of Olivier Carré, mayor of Orléans to New Orleans and signing of the twinning oath.

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