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"Orléans-Wichita is an association, an organization, a group of people, a home if you will. A place, where you feel comfortable and you can talk our brothers to speak English, it's probably my greatest experience in France."

- Damon Zele, student from Wichita State University, stayed 6 months in Orléans


  • To revitalize relations between the two towns and develop friendships between residents through the involvement of citizens of all ages.

  • To organize events in connection with the Wichita Area Sister Cities and the French Committee of Wichita in order to bring together the inhabitants of the two cities.

  • To promote individual exchanges: virtual or other correspondence, meetings and stays in the two towns as well as reception in families.

  • To promote cultural and sporting exchanges between various associations and institutions of the two cities according to their areas of expertise.

  • To promote exchanges of young people: in the school, university, work placements but also in the context of non-formal training.

  • To implement actions aimed at a better knowledge of American culture and civilization in general, and of Kansas and Wichita, Louisiana, and New Orleans.

  • To extend the relations between Orléans and its agglomeration with any other city or region of North America having a homonymy with Orléans, in particular New Orleans (Louisiana), Orleans (Massachusetts) and Orléans (Ontario-Canada).

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