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Local partners    

New Macadam 

Choir oOriginally Gospel-oriented, its repertoire has been expanded with pieces from other styles, with Pop,Jazz and Blues standards, under the impetus of the choirmaster.

Baby Dolls
Wichita Toy Train Association 

Association which aims to make model railroading known and to promote the practice of this activity to its members._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d the City of Orléans, the association takes care of the operation of the Wichita little train in Parc Pasteur d'Orléans, it ensures its condition but the full owner of the train and the circuit remains the city.

Association of Orléans film lovers organizing screenings.

La bande de l'écran
Radio Campus Orleans

Student-run independent radio

Why Not Sweet and Soda

Orleans US grocery store located rue d'Illiers 


Educational partners    

Lycée Hôtelier de l'Orléanais : Hotel management  high school of Orleans 
Jean Zay High School 
Charles Peguy High School
Dunois College
Voltaire High School
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